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Real-world testing

Transport is changing. It’s no longer about getting from A to B; it’s fast becoming a service that facilitates our modern lives, empowering us and making us more mobile than ever before.

Using real-world environments to trial new vehicles, technologies, and services will introduce the complex and unpredictable situations that cannot be achieved through simulation alone.

A network of over 50 miles of roads in Coventry and Warwickshire, and Birmingham, will be optimised to ensure we can gather useful data, measure public interaction, and constantly monitor the technology in action.

Covering the most diverse range of roads, junctions and traffic measures in the world, it will also include the University of Warwick campus – a mini city in itself.

Smart monitoring means vehicles will be connected via high-speed, high-capacity wireless infrastructure across the whole route, ensuring no loss of signal.

The journeys of tomorrow start today

Midlands Future Mobility will be supporting the accelerated development of new technologies, connecting passengers and goods with vehicles in new ways.

Shaping the future of mobility

The tangible benefits of a world where we can enjoy seamless, safe and possibly automated journeys on demand is much closer than we think. The future of mobility will be greener, smarter and safer.

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