Who we are

Midlands Future Mobility (MFM) offer services from initial virtual development, to real-world trials and market deployment. We work with companies both large and small, in long-term strategic projects or for short-term testing and validation.

We work with you to develop deployment maps for implementing mobility solutions.
We work with you to validate product milestones, processes, business cases and ultimately, return on investment.

Digital services

Our digital services support businesses from research and development right through to cost-effective ‘right-first-time’ prototyping in CAM and communications solutions.

  • Use LIDAR and comms scans of key sections of the MFM route.
  • Conduct advanced user-in-the-loop and CAV software testing in key sectors of the route available in our fully immersive 3xD simulator.
  • Test real-world responses to your CAM products and services using our participant trialling support.
  • Generate and experiment with your own virtual scenarios for specific CAM verification and validation.
  • Get support with Human-Machine Interface and development of new features.
  • Undertake cyber security testing for vulnerabilities and resilience.
  • Get data analytics support to collect the right data and process it to get the answers you need.
  • Get leading support on connectivity development (e.g. 5G, WiFi and so on) for external and automotive environments.

Physical test environment

Access a uniquely diverse public test environment with smart monitoring and the latest wireless connectivity to trial new CAM systems and mobility services on real roads, with support from our experts in safety, legislation, Government approvals and highway operations.

  • Run and record demonstrations of connected and autonomous systems on real roads, across highways, urban, suburban and rural routes.
  • Plan testing with the exact features you need from our extensive feature database.
  • Retrieve data then test new whole transport network solutions on real roads.
  • Undertake closed road experiments in special circumstances.
  • Use the University of Warwick campus and our development pod platforms as a ‘mini city’ for logistics or service development.
  • Integrate your vehicle or service with transport and commercial hubs using enhanced 4G/5G.
  • Track your experiments in the real world via our data hub, recording data from geo-fenced Closed Circuit TV, Real-Time Kinematic corrected GPS and programmable road-side units.
  • Develop and test your own infrastructure using our plug-and-play environment and mobile road-side units.
  • Utilise data analytics of the route and surrounding roads to undertake scenario testing e.g. varying congestion conditions.
  • Experiment with alternative communications standards and protocols.
  • Use our participant database to test public acceptance for new mobility service business models, models of vehicle ownership, or new CAM features.
  • Get expert support in test design, execution and analysis for maximum impact.
  • Make use of our garage and vehicle support and preparation services.

People and skills

Gain access to extensive leading research, design, evaluation and deployment support from a strong consortium of delivery partners.

  • Sponsor a PhD or EngD.
  • Take advantage of teaching and learning from short-courses and masterclasses to tailored degrees in CAM for your staff.
  • Utilise coordinated access to local authorities and highways agencies for testing, approvals and collaboration support.
  • Understand the latest emerging standards in CAM to influence your current offerings and support future product and service road mapping.
  • Gain support in test design and analysis campaigns from an experienced network.
  • Benefit from access to experts with academic and industrial experience.
  • Develop meaningful consortia and access bid-writing support.
  • Learn from and contribute to the growing CAM ecosystem at the National Automotive Innovation Centre.
  • Learn about funding sources, access regional SMEs and collaborate with other business and institutions.
  • Learn about the challenges and opportunities of delivering highway operation on suburban, urban and rural roads through a wide variety of local, regional and national highways authorities

Why us?

  • An experienced consortium trusted by global businesses for decades in their respective fields at the cutting edge of CAM development.
  • A proven track record of design, support and delivery of meaningful outcomes to support key product and service development.
  • The hosts for a wide-reaching ecosystem of global companies spanning CAM of all technology readiness levels and next-generation wireless communications.

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