Midlands Future Mobility, led by WMG, has created a new autonomous vehicle test and trialling environment at the University of Warwick campus

The control room and test routes will enable connected and autonomous vehicle technologies, that have been developed using simulation and test tools, to be evaluated in real-life, shared-use situations.

The platform is part of a number of innovative transport initiatives at the University of Warwick, including e-scooters, a car club and a demand responsive bus service, which aim to reduce private vehicle usage, cut carbon emissions and create a safer, more environmentally friendly campus.


John Fox, Programme Director at Midlands Future Mobility said:

I’m delighted we’ve completed this addition to our campus trialling environment, which is already trialling a range of new mobility solutions for manufacturers and service providers. The contiguous CCTV on two key ‘spine’ routes allows a remote observer to monitor and if necessary take control of autonomous vehicles in shared spaces, and we can also collect data on trials of new micromobility vehicles in and around existing users of the campus. Along with our development platform autonomous pods and digital maps of the routes, we’re well placed to support autonomous and micromobility vehicle developments in the coming years.

The control room and facilities are available for use by SMEs and OEMs across transport, infrastructure, technology developers, service providers, government and local authorities, to carry out testing and research with support from key experts in the field.

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Are you looking to conduct large scale trials, move between digital and real world environments, or converge vehicles and infrastructure?

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