Vehicle Centre and Testing Development Platform

Access support for your trial through the MFM Vehicle Centre (vehicle storage, preparation and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging facilities) and autonomous vehicle platform for customer V2X (Vehicle to Everything) and modular CAM feature trialling.

  • The MFM Vehicle Centre, located in Coventry, provides demonstrator vehicle development facilities for ADAS and AD development. The Centre can be privately hired or engineering services provided to support vehicle modification, prototype and/or fleet development
  • The facility offers secure storage spaces for five vehicles, a two-post ramp (3.5t) and a workbench. Good quality electric and hand tools are available for repair and maintenance, and EV charging is covered through 22kW BP Chargemaster charging points located inside and outside the facility
  • In addition to vehicle development facilities, the Centre also provides office space with Wi-Fi and a well-lit and heated environment for engineers and test vehicles
  • A Testing and Development Platform is available to customers, which delivers a necessary verification and validation environment for developing ADAS/AD features
  • The vehicle (2018 Kia Soul EV) is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to aid in Autonomous Feature development, such as a full 360 degree sensor suite including LIDAR, radar, camera and ultrasonic sensors together with two integrated compute platforms for development.
  • This integrated compute platform has been developed internally with the main goal to be fully “OPEN”. It enables effortless integration of customer’s hardware on the vehicle, to carry out testing on the MFM Test Bed with this prototype vehicle.
  • Access a comprehensive test catalogue, providing detailed test cases for the most relevant ADAS and Automated Driving features of today and tomorrow. Test cases are all traceable back to use cases as well as relevant legislation and industry standards. Utilising the MFM Datahub, all suitable locations on the MFM testbed are identified for each test case, allowing you to efficiently plan your test sessions.

Are you looking to conduct large scale trials, move between digital and real world environments, or converge vehicles and infrastructure?

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