Supporting businesses in CAM and communications solutions development, from research and development through to cost-effective ‘right-first-time’ prototyping.

  • Access to a full LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and photographic scan of the entire MFM route, which can be utilised to create detailed models of sections of the route for simulation purposes.
  • Utilise detailed models of key sections of the MFM route (for example Holyhead Road, Coventry) to conduct advanced user-in-the-loop simulation and CAM software testing within the 3xD Simulator at the University of Warwick, or the Driver-in-the-loop (DiL) Simulator at Coventry University
  • Generate and experiment with your own virtual scenarios for specific CAM verification and validation. Digitally rehearse scenarios and ask ‘what if’ in a safe, virtual environment, and perform critical tasks before going on site, saving significant time, cost and resource as well as reducing risk.
  • Utilise data analytics of the route and surrounding roads to undertake scenario testing, for example varying traffic conditions.
  • Carry out simulation testing using detailed and highly-accurate models of a range of urban, inter-urban and rural scenarios of the MFM route. This simulation capability includes the ability to control parameters such as weather, lighting and leaf fall, and also the ability to create scenarios using common language and to select scenarios from a database.
  • Understand how different users and modes of transport (such as pedestrians, bicycles, low speed Pods and cars) interact in shared environments within the virtual MFM test route using the Mixed Reality Buck at Coventry University.

Are you looking to conduct large scale trials, move between digital and real world environments, or converge vehicles and infrastructure?

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