At MFM, we offer a wide range of CAM development and trialling services, from initial virtual development through to real-world trials and market deployment. Through our combined expertise and comprehensive on-road trialling environment, MFM is ideally placed to support your business in developing the future of mobility.

Physical Test Environment

5G Research Services

We offer a flexible connectivity research and innovation service that develops solutions for 5G and beyond communications networks.

Human Factors


Trial, Research and Development Support

Benefit from coordinated access to Local Authorities, Highways Agencies and expertise from both Industry and Academia for guidance and support in public road trialling and wider Research and Development activities.

University of Warwick Campus is Open for Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) Trials

The University of Warwick campus is a bustling mini-city located on the outskirts of Coventry. The campus is home to a wide range of academic, research, industry and community facilities such as the National Automotive Innovation Centre and Warwick Arts Centre.

Vehicle Centre and Testing Development Platform

Data Exchange and Visualisation

Map, store and selectively share testbed trial data through an online portal. The MFM Data Hub also provides access to data simulation features, allowing you to plan and review trials along the MFM testbed.

Are you looking to conduct large scale trials, move between digital and real world environments, or converge vehicles and infrastructure?

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