5G Research Services

Our dedicated 5G Research Team offer a flexible, mobility-focused, connectivity research and innovation service that answers questions and develops solutions for 5G and beyond communications networks.

  • Offered across simulated, emulated, controlled and real-world environments.
  • Bespoke offerings can be created around the user, combining the user’s technology and/or expertise with the 5G Research Team.
  • We accommodate a wide range of projects, from evaluation of single, connectivity system components to fully connected mobility solutions and their users.
  • This service can be configured with additional options, which include GNSS, Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.xx, Digital Twin, 3GPP roadmap alignment, etc.

Equipment and technical specifications

5G FR1 (sub 6 GHz):

  • Evaluation – R&S SMBV100B – FSV3007 – BBA150
  • 5G NSA/SA (R15/R16) gNodeB – Spirent/NI
  • 5G NSA/SA (R15/R16) User Equipment – NI
  • NSA/SA (R15/R16) OpenAirInterface gNB/UE – Ettus USRP N310

5G Core and Networking

  • 5G SA Core – Spirent Landslide C100-M4
  • 5G NSA Core – OpenAirInterface
  • Network Slicing Compute Cluster
  • Dedicated Private SDN Network

5G FR2 (mmWave):

  • Channel Sounding – R&S SMW200A, FSW85, SMZ90.
  • Channel Evaluation – NI 5G Millimetre Wave Transceiver System


  • Ofcom licensed (indoor and outdoor)
  • IEEE 802.11 / IEEE 802.3 / TSN
  • PNT / Cyber Security

Illustrative cases

  • 5G FR1 link performance, including Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) analysis and Power Delay Profile (PDP) analysis up to bandwidth of 240 MHz
  • 5G FR2 link performance, including EVM and achieved throughput analysis / PDP analysis up to a bandwidth of 800 MHz/2 GHz
  • 5G Core, including resilience tests against core functions failure (SMF/AMF/UPF), end-to-end latency evaluation, evaluation of custom SIM card authentication, data governance compliance, network traffic load dependent performance test
  • 5G Network Slicing evaluation, which includes Quality of Service (QoS) against Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Complete 5G End-to-End evaluation (User to Core to Cloud/MEC) in controlled and real-world contexts
  • 4G/5G/IEEE 802.3 Interoperability Testing

Are you looking to conduct large scale trials, move between digital and real world environments, or converge vehicles and infrastructure?

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